Created in 2004, Corail Helicopteres has not ceased to evolve and increase its activity in order to cater to its clientse expectations and high standards.

First present in Pierrefonds, on the South side of the island, it expanded to the West in 2010, in Saint-Gilles-Les-Bains.

This has allowed the company to stand out and be an international airline that offers a wide selection of aerial touristic services.

With ten helicopters and eleven pilots, the company proposes a dozen tour packages, keeping a record of over 6 100 touristic flights for the year 2016 alone.

Its aircrafts are mainly dedicated to touristic flights in the cirques, over the volcano and the lagoons.

But the company is also solicited for aerial works or merchandise transporting, especially in areas that are difficult to access by road, such as the cirque of Mafate.

Moreover, the quality of its services have earned Corail Helicopteres the 2017 Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor.

With a still growing demand, the company expanded to the Caribbean, in Saint-Martin, in 2013, and recently in Mauritius, in March 2017.

The company sees to complying with numerous commitments and especially that of flying in optimal safety conditions, with undeniable assets such as modernity, respect for the environment and its quietude.

Helicopter in the islands with Corail Helicopteres

Helicopter at La Reunion since 2004

Helicopter B4


at La Reunion island for 13 years, the helicopter company first established itself as a leader in terms of touristic flights and other quality aerial services. Corail Helicopteres in La Reunion stands out by being the only company that owns an EC 130 aircraft, equipped with the latest technology. With a spacious cabin and unsurpassed visibility, it offers optimal flying conditions.

The EC 130 is a world reference in the area of touristic flights.

So much so that the company recently finalised new partnerships with strategic airlines such as Emirates, Corsair

and XL Airways France.

In this new expanding perspective, Corail Helicopteres has decided to freshen up and offer its clients a new visual identity that will allow the company to be identifiable and defend values it holds dear such as reliability, boldness and modernity.

Helicopter in Saint-Martin since 2013

Helicopter in Saint-Martin

Since December 2013, the company expanded to the Caribbean island of Saint-Martin, at Grand-Case airport.

This allows an array of touristic flights and facilitates inter-island travelling with its bespoke charter service. Offering panoramic flights, it is another way to appreciate and discover the beauty of the beaches, alone or in a group.

The company also proposes three different tours to its visitors: the Discovery tour, the French Touch and the Luxury Tour aboard two safe and reliable aircrafts in order to discover the island adding new sensations.

Furthermore, it makes a fast and comfortable mode of transport from and to the neighbouring airports in order to guarantee travellers personalised service.

Helicopter in Mauritius since 2017

Vol en helicoptere e l'ele Maurice

Recently established in Mauritius, the airline Corail Helicopteres has reinvented the way to discover the island. Situated 230 km away from La Reuniones coast, it offers